Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Change We Can't Believe In

Today the UAW magazine, Solidarity, arrived in our mailbox. As an extremely liberal organization, they have predictably endorsed Barack Obama. There was a section devoted solely to the words of UAW local members. Their reasons for supporting Obama were very brilliant.

“I got to meet Senator Obama and talk with him, and I feel his theme of change is what we need right now.” MY RESPONSE: Yeah, we’re all starting to feel his theme of change.

“I think Obama has a vision of helping all people, and hopefully he’ll be able to focus on manufacturing jobs and creating new jobs.” MY RESPONSE: The reality is, he hasn’t put forth any plan for creating jobs. He also has no record in that direction. By the way, hopefully, I’ll win a million dollars.

“The GOP can’t divide us with nonissues any more, but we have a lot of educating to do between now and November.” MY RESPONSE: I couldn’t agree more. At least with the educating part. You liberals do seem to have a great knack for bringing up nonissues, though.

“I think we have to look at the economy and the direction we’re currently going in and ask ourselves if someone new can step into this role and steer us back in the right direction and put us back on the right path. I’d have to say the answer is yes. Obama’s going to have a fresh look on how to get these things done for our country.” MY RESPONSE: Fresh look. Change. Yeah, we’ve heard it before. Meanwhile, thousands of babies are murdered every day. Does Barack care? NO.

As I was saying, those were brilliant reasons for supporting Barack. By the way, I purposely left out the names of the writers, so they wouldn’t be embarrassed by the lack of logic.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Front Lines Fundraising Drive

UPDATE - 6:24 P.M.: I have now personally donated. Please donate!

The first monthly fundraising drive is on. Every month, we'll attempt to raise $1000 for Huck PAC. I will provide the @ the front lines contribution link, and I'll keep you updated on our progress. This contest starts right now and ends July 31. We'll begin new contests on the first of each month.



Racist Buttons


I just want to go on record as being opposed to the above button, and I think it's disgraceful that the Texas GOP would allow such a product to be sold at their convention.

Kansas City Star Is Disgusting

Basically what the Kansas City Star is doing is wishing Rush Limbaugh dead. That’s utterly disgusting. It’s wrong. Not to mention it makes a joke out of the Russert family’s tragedy, and that’s the biggest wrong.

Write to the Star and complain.

Complain to the star about this ridiculous cartoon.

Supreme Court Knocks Down D.C. Handgun Ban

Finally, the High Court has ruled in favor of the people. The Supreme Court ruled today that a complete ban on handguns is unconstitutional, violating the Second Amendment.



Saturday, June 21, 2008

African-Americans and the GOP

For years, no Republican presidential candidate has gotten a decent percentage of the black vote.

What's puzzling is that Black Americans are overwhelmingly pro-life, in favor of traditional marriage, and conservative on a host of other issues.

Mike Huckabee received 48% of the black vote in Arkanas. To my knowledge that is the greatest amount received by any Republican

There are ways to bring African Americans over to the GOP, but they seem to be ignored. Here are my suggestions for the GOP:

  • Campaign in the inner-city
  • Don't assume that African-Americans will vote Democratic
  • Talk to them. They will listen.
  • Bring up the issues. Abortion (the #1 killer of African-Americans) is an important issue.
  • Bring out the real Barack!

Here's a great post on the Huckabee Blogging Alliance.

The very worst thing that the Republican National Committee could do in facing off against Obama is to tolerate any hint of racial politics. Failing to do so will do more than simply alienate the small percentage of black voters who do vote for the Republican Party. It will also alienate many white voters as well. Most people of all ethnic groups do not want to be associated with racism. Tactics such as thead run against Harold Ford in 2006, the infamous Willie Horton ad, and anything like it, sadly may have worked in years past and in certain areas. But will lead to lingering disaster for the GOP if repeated in 2008. Disaster not just in this election but in many elections to come. Hey, wait, TVV. Are you saying we can’t say anything bad about Obama because it will look racist? Of course that’s not what I’m saying. His record, his associations and policies are subject to scrutiny and criticism just like anyone else’s would be. But there’s a difference between campaigning against a candidate who happens to be black and running against “the black guy.” Choosing to do the latter will do much more harm than good - for the Republicans, for the Democrats and for the whole country.

Another key component to losing tip #4 is to simply assume that black voters are going to vote for Obama. I’m black. I’m very proud that a black man has earned a major party nomination for the Presidency. Am I planning to vote for Obama? No! He seems like a nice guy, but he’s way too liberal on social issues like abortion and marriage. And contrary to what many people assume, most black voters are not liberal. The reason most black voters vote for the Democrats is because: a) there has been a 48-year rift between the GOP and African Americans and b) even today, most Republicans don’t bother to ask for our votes. So, if McCain’s folks really want to up the chances they’ll lose the election, they need to tear out a page from the old Republican Playbook and just assume that we won’t vote for them and that they shouldn’t make a serious effort to ask. (It should be noted that in the key swing state of Ohio, where Bush wrapped up his victory over Kerry, he did better than his national average among black voters. The difference between his share of the black vote in Ohio over his national average accounts for one third of the margin by which Bush defeated Kerry in that state and won re-election.

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